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What Owners are Saying about the Cocoon 4 Life PRO

“The weight loss results are amazing with the Cocoon. EVERYONE LOVES IT! We are a Weight Loss Clinic located in a small town of 5,000. Our Cocoon has been successful from Day 1 when we sold (10) weight management “packages” at $1,000 each at our open house. Our Cocoon is booked solid. It looks like we may have to order a second unit soon!” ~

Heather VA ——

“Our employees come in to work early to use the Cocoon!” ~ PB

“As the owner of a busy fitness center, I can say that our Cocoon has increased client satisfaction and results 100%. I give a free Cocoon treatment with any personal training package as a teaser…then most sign up for a package as a reward for training so hard. They notice an increase in metabolism and a boost in mood and energy. Some of my clients use it just for relaxing. We have treated clients with Arthritis, Bursitis, Cellulite and Metabolic syndrome. The LED light also helps our clients with acne and sun damage. The Cocoon was a great addition to my business.” ~ Leah, WV

“Several customers are pairing the Cocoon with our nutrition line and exercise for an overall fitness routine.” ~ Planet Beach

“The Cocoon featured on “The Biggest Loser” in Russia is making big waves. There are long lines of users eager to use the machine throughout the country. The results are good and everyone is excited about this new weight loss technology.” ~ Julia, Russia

“The Cocoon has brought a sense of excitement to our salon, just in time for the busy season.” ~ PB

“Since I just purchased the Cocoon and had it installed, we have increased sales of our Spa Memberships dramatically. Before the Cocoon, most customers preferred our UV Memberships, or just monthly packages. Now, 9 out of 10 customers who sign up for a membership will choose a Spa membership! The #1 goal I had for my spa was to move customers out of the tanning mindset and I’m already seeing great results! The Cocoon has quickly become the #1 used piece of equipment in our spa. We have customers who book appointments for the entire week so they can be sure to get in.” ~ Tina, NC

“A customer who purchased a 3 month UV tanning package decided to upgrade to our spa membership and paid for a year in full! The Cocoon helps make selling upgrades easy!” ~ PB

“In the past month we have sold 7 packages for the Cocoon, it is going over really well and our clients are excited. Oxygen Botanicals skincare and the Slimline body products have been a nice addition to offer them for at home care.” ~ Sonia, Mt. Airy, NC

“I have TWO women who lost 22.2 and 20 inches respectively on their first Swedish Miracle Body Wrap session in the Cocoon! This is amazing!

The least amount of inch loss seen on our body wrap has been 7 inches- that is a woman who was a competitive body builder with a super physique to begin with.” ~ Cameron, TN

“We just purchased the Cocoon and already our clients are loving their pre and post YOGA sweat sessions in the Cocoon. It’s like HOT YOGA without the effort.” ~ Jennifer, VA

“I have only had Cocoon 4 for three weeks and we are already booked well over a week out and this past month was our BEST month revenue wise since they have opened!” Darlene says she attributes this to the success to the introduction of Cocoon! She also mentioned they do a 10 minute consult with every new Cocoon client. During the consult she takes initial measurements, gives them the Oil and Cellulite Cream to sample, and offers them dietary products at a discounted price. Right now she is completely sold out- actually over sold- on her products right now….Just another great revenue stream for the business owner to have!! ~ Darlene AL

What end users are Saying about the Cocoon 4 Life PRO

“Sign me up! I want to do it.” ~ Galina K


Hi! My name is Brooke, this past month I participated in the Bikini Boot Camp. I lost 12 pounds and 8 1/2 inches!!!! The program was very easy. My regimen was Cocoon for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. At the start of the program, I made appointments for the entire month, which made it feel routine and helped me stick to the program. The staff was very encouraging and helpful throughout the entire time. They motivated me to stay on the right path with my weight loss goals. Even though Bikini Boot Camp is over I plan on continuing with this regimen to help me lose more weight and keep off the weight that I lost! ~ Brooke

“During the first 5 days of using the Cocoon, and nutritional services, I lost 7 pounds. After using the same services for 10 days I have now lost a total of 10 pounds. I am so happy and amazed with the results I have seen so far and cannot wait to continue to shed the pounds!” ~ Julie, Spokane WA

“I have lost 174 lbs so far and I have another 48 to go. My weight going into the program was 466 lbs. My goal is to get my weight under 245 lbs and I am confident that I can do that with using the Cocoon!” ~ Rick, VA

Note: The Cocoon is not a medical device. Only your doctor can recommend specific sauna benefits for you. Never consume alcohol before entering the Cocoon. Be sure you are well hydrated before and after use. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. Cocoon 4 life makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its Cocoon use for individual users.