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“Sign me up! I want to do it.” ~ Galina K


Hi! My name is Brooke, this past month I participated in the Bikini Boot Camp. I lost 12 pounds and 8 1/2 inches!!!! The program was very easy. My regimen was Cocoon for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week. At the start of the program, I made appointments for the entire month, which made it feel routine and helped me stick to the program. The staff was very encouraging and helpful throughout the entire time. They motivated me to stay on the right path with my weight loss goals. Even though Bikini Boot Camp is over I plan on continuing with this regimen to help me lose more weight and keep off the weight that I lost! ~ Brooke

“During the first 5 days of using the Cocoon, and nutritional services, I lost 7 pounds. After using the same services for 10 days I have now lost a total of 10 pounds. I am so happy and amazed with the results I have seen so far and cannot wait to continue to shed the pounds!” ~ Julie, Spokane WA

Note: The Cocoon is not a medical device. Only your doctor can recommend specific sauna benefits for you. Never consume alcohol before entering the Cocoon. Be sure you are well hydrated before and after use. Do not use if you are pregnant or have a heart condition. Cocoon 4 life makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its Cocoon use for individual users.